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What’s the HUBbub?

HUBzero® is an open source software platform used to build web sites for scientific research and educational activities. Some refer to such web sites as “collaboratories” supporting “team science.” We call them “hubs” because they become a focal point for user communities. Today, hubs support users in a variety of fields, including nanotechnology, microelectromechanical systems, pharmaceutical engineering, healthcare, volcanology, and biofuels. See examples online...

Create Your Own Hub

Want to create a new hub for your community? Get started:

Try it out

Launch the VMware image on this drive and instantly start running your own hub. Try out the features: create a group, edit a wiki page, put up a blog entry, post a wish. See for yourself if HUBzero is right for your project.
Get started...

Install on your own system

Like what you see? Use our packages to install HUBzero on your own Debian or RedHat Linux system. HUBzero is free, open source software, so you can access the source code or use the packages without any special permission, without any licensing fees. If you decide to run your own system, check out our security guide to find tips about keeping your site secure.

Use a hosting service

If you prefer to use the hub without having to manage it yourself, you can pay for hosting services. These services will help design your hub, install the software, maintain the hardware, keep your data backed up, and monitor for security.

Need Help?

Join the HUBzero Foundation for only $5,000 and get access to 20 hours of HUBzero support. If you need more, you can purchase additional support packs at discounted rates. You'll also get discounts on admission for HUBbub and other events sponsored by the foundation.

Looking for hands-on training? Come to the next HUBbub User Conference or participate in an upcoming Hub Hero Challenge.

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